Ruslan and Lyudmila. More Than a Fairy Tale

Lyudmila is beautiful and brave, as befits the daughter of a grand duke. Ruslan is her kind and resourceful lover. But on the eve of the wedding, Lyudmila is captured by the real sorcerer Chernomor, who has already collected a whole collection of fairy-tale princesses. "Chernomorda" is clearly not to Lyudmila's taste, and she will not let herself be offended. And who will rescue her, Pushkin?! However, even without him, Ruslan had rivals for her hand and half the kingdom in addition. Now he is waiting for a chase through magical lands, an acquaintance with the last talking bear, a clash with a giant and other fabulous things, not to mention a battle with the Black Sea itself on earth and in heaven.
Produced: 2023
Genre: Animation
Duration: 85 minutes
Director: Konstantin Feoktistov