Reversible reality
"To settle scores with the hated boss, to visit the most romantic date and tickle your nerves with extreme – all this is possible, and without consequences, in the popular virtual adventures from the company "New Life"! But one day, their complexes and fears begin to penetrate into the vivid adventures of users, turning entertainment into a paranoid nightmare. Under suspicion is a group of antivirts that seeks to bring people back to the real world with genuine emotions and impressions. Mikhail, a virtual police operative, has been assigned to investigate and earn the trust of Vika, an employee of Novaya Zhizn, who allegedly promotes antivirts. However, his every step is increasingly confusing the case and the relationship with Vika. The line between virtual and real is blurred, and the investigator becomes the main suspect... "
Produced: 2021
Genre: science fiction, thriller
Duration: 84 min
Director: Dmitry Konstantinov
Cast: Timofey Tribuntsev, Pavel Chinarev, Vera Kolesnikova, Anton Filipenko, Evgeny Antropov, Vladimir Yumatov, Alexander Sirin, Evgenia Dmitrieva, Alexey Fateev, Olga Yergina