Prince Ivan and the Gray Wolf 5
IIvan and Vasilisa had a life that was a fairy tale. Quite literally. However, a butterfly fluttered its wings and caused a magical butterfly effect. Now, in the entire Faraway Kingdom, nobody remembers even Ivan's name, including his wife Vasilisa herself. And that means that in order to win back the princess again, Ivan and the Gray Wolf need to turn the entire universe upside down.
Produced: 2022
Genre: animation, adventure, family
Duration: 78
Director: Konstantin Feoktistov
Producers: Sergey Selyanov, Alexander Boyarsky
Main Cast: Nikita Efremov, Alexander Boyarsky, Mikhail Boyarsky, Tatiana Bunina, Maxim Sergeev, Maria Tsvetkova-Ovsyannikova, Konstantin Feoktistov, Oleg Kulikovich, Sergey Vorobyov, Valentin Morozov