Boris is a geography teacher in an ordinary school in Khabarovsk. His life is pretty mundane. Apart from teaching and gardening, Boris cares just about his son, Misha. Thought their communication is getting more and more complicated. Everything changes when Misha gives his father an old smartphone as a birthday gift. Boris begins to explore how the device works and creates an account on a social network. By mistake Boris adds as a friend a woman named Nadezhda, whom he has never met before. They begin texting and this acquaintance changes his life. He decides to meet Nadezhda in person and goes to the Moscow region, where she lives, to surprise her. He persuades his son, who is engaged in hauling cars, to give him a lift to Moscow. During their trip through all of Russia, old conflicts between father and son are revealed, and the reasons for their alienation are clarified.
Produced: 2022
Genre: comedy, drama, road movie
Duration: 92 min
Director: Ivan Sosnin
Cast:Eugenie Sytiy, Filipp Avdeev, Ekaterina Ageeva, Elena Yakovleva, Irina Pegova, Kirill Kyaro, Dmitry Lysenkov, Andrey Urgant