Don't bury me without Ivan
This true story happened in 1910 in Yakutia, a vast region of Eastern Siberia. Every now and then, Stepan Beresekov lapses into a lethargic sleep. Ivan Popov, an artist, is the only one who can tell if Stepan is dead or just sleeping.
But Popov is about to go on a long ethnographic expedition. So Stepan decides to join his rescuer so as not to be buried alive.
Year of Production: 2022 Director: Liubov Borisova Producer(s): Ivan Bolotnikov, Dmitry Shadrin, Sardana Savvina Cinematographer: Semen Amanatov Editor: Liubov Borisova Story/Screenplay: Liubov Borisova, Yulia Klimenko Cast: Alexander Сhichakhov, Darius Gumauskas