Dads vs. Moms
Two families live in the same stairwell. One day, dads announce a boycott to moms, and moms - to dads. The reason for this is the accumulated family troubles: computer games, the iron drill, female fatigue, etc. Children who are forced to live in two opposing camps become hostages of the situation. In attempts to reconcile the parents, they only aggravate the situation and find the only way out — to call and ask grandfather to come. With his arrival, even more fun begins.
Produced: 2022
Genre: comedy, family
Duration: 95 min
Director: Maxim Malinin
Cast: Roman Postovalov, Anna Churina, Artem Tkachenko, Vladimir Steklov, Ate Sanko, Elizaveta Medvedeva, Sebastian Bugaev, Elena Balabanova, Artem Kukhteev, Sergey Zhukov