1945. Dynamo Moscow players are flying to London to play a series of matches against undefeated British teams, including Chelsea and Arsenal. A charming English correspondent decides to create a sensation, to fall in love with the best Russian player. Local unscrupulous bookmakers also intend to profit from the tour, which hundreds of thousands of fans will attend to visit. But the "eleven silent men", as the British dubbed the local football players, will present many surprises to everyone!
Produced: Pimanov&Partners
Genre: action, drama, sport
Duration: 121 min
Director: Alexey Pimanov
Producer: Alexey Pimanov
Executive Producers: Dmitry Savinsky, Svetlana Bezgan
Cast: Makar Zaporizhsky, Pavel Trubiner, Roman Kurtsyn, Andrey Chernyshov, Alena Kolomina, Evgenia Lapova, Pavel Krainov, Dmitry Belotserkovsky and others.