Happiness is the ability to get whatever you desire from this life: immediately, without hesitation, and spitting on everyone else. At least 32-year-old fire inspector Natasha believes that's how life works. Intelligent, cold-blooded and cynical beauty - she skillfully extorts bribes, manipulates people, sleeps with whom she wants and ignores other people's feelings and interests. Suddenly she finds out that her kidneys have failed, and she has three months left to live without a transplant. Numerous relatives, all as one, refuse: Natasha is a hefty bitch, and she managed to annoy everyone. The "deadline" is getting closer, and there is only time to reevaluate her values, ask someone for forgiveness and finally accept a terrible, although possibly well-deserved ending
Producers: Igor Mishin, Alexander Plotnikov, Boris Khlebnikov, Irina Shcherbovich-Vecher, Anna Tikhonova, Avdotya Smirnova, Natasha Isakova Igor Gordashnik
Script: Maria Shulgina, Elizaveta Tikhonova
Director: Maria Shulgina
DOP: Anna Rozhetskaya
Production designer: Anna Lazareva
Composer: Georgy Stefanov
Starring: Lyubov Aksyonova, Nikolay Fomenko, Anton Filipenko, Irina Rozanova, Alexey Rozin