The father of 12-year-old Ilya gets killed. But the murderer doesn't go into prison. The whole village doesn't care. Only his biathlon coach offers to help him. They have a deal that should result in killing the murderer. Will they finally do this?
Name of the Director: Evgeny Grigorev
Language: Russian Country: Russia
Duration: 108 min
Year of Production: 2022
Director: Evgeny Grigorev
Producer(s): Olga Erofeeva – Muravyeva, George Shabanov
Production Company: START, Pervoe Kino
Film Company: Cinematographer Artyom Anisimov
Editor: Konstantin Larionov, Kirill Abramov
Sound Design: Mikhail Ogon'kov
Story/Screenplay: Evgeny Grigorev, Nina Belenitskaya
Cast : Yura Borisov, Elizaveta Yankovskaya Pavel Derevyanko, Yaroslav Mogilnikov