When two spoiled hipsters embark on the rusty trawler for a summer internship, they get much more than what they bargained for. This shabby boat is the floating home of a dozen weary and irritable sailors, whose only priority is making money and not getting killed in the process. Ice-cold waves, incredibly beautiful but severe seascapes, hard labour and tons of stinking fish is the daily menu. The sea is unpredictable, and the upcoming storm is not the main test that awaits the ship's crew. Their trip to sea, however, turns out to be more serious and more tragic than either of them could have imagined.
Producers: Sergey Selyanov, Natalya Drozd
Executive producers: Natalia Smirnova, Tatyana Bonakova
Director: Boris Khlebnikov
Screenwriters: Natalia Meshchaninova, Boris Khlebnikov, based on the novel by Georgy Vladimov "Three Minutes of Silence"
Director of photography: Alisher Khamidkhojaev
Production designer: Olga Khlebnikova
Cast: Alexander Robak, Timofey Tribuntsev, Makar Khlebnikov, Oleg Savostyuk, Evgeny Syty, Sergey Nasedkin, Anatoly Popov, Mikhail Kremer, Vladimir Lukyanchikov, Vasily Shchipitsin, Oleg Kamenshchikov, Konstantin Gayokho