Yuri Gordeyev, an ambitious aircraft designer is known for his womanizing ways. At the peak of his success, Yuri mysteriously disappears, leaving behind a failed business and a ruthless competitor who swiftly shuts down his company. It is later revealed that Yuri perished in an aviation accident and has returned as a ghost.Meanwhile, Vanya, a seventh-grader, has always lived in the shadow of obscurity. Coddled by his mother and subjected to mockery by his peers, he lacks the confidence to approach the girl he admires from afar. Unexpectedly, Yuri's ghost appears and realizes he has just one week to complete his life's work and launch his aircraft. Vanya, with his unique ability to see Yuri, becomes the unlikely ally who may hold the key to helping Yuri achieve his final goal.In this comedic tale, "Ghost" explores the collision of two unlikely characters as they navigate a world of unfinished business, second chances, and the pursuit of dreams. With Yuri's experience and Vanya's unexpected courage, the duo embarks on a hilarious and heartwarming journey towards accomplishing their respective desires, all while discovering the true power of friendship and the importance of seizing opportunities before it's too late.