Terrible Dad
Tsar Ivan The Terrible wounds his son to death after they have a fight – just like in the famous painting by Repin. To fix what happened Tsar attempts to travel back to the past using a magic spell book. Yet things don't go according to the plan, and Tsar gets into our times where he meets the Osipovs family. Nikita Osipov has no luck in his field - archeology and is an unfortunate father. He divorced his wife and lost touch with his son and daughter. Now they have to find the spell book, so that Tsar has a chance to save his son. Adventure begins!
Produced: 2022
Genre: comedy, fantasy, science fiction, adventure, family
Duration: 90
Director: Karen Oganesyan, Yuri Korobeynikov Main
Cast: Kirill Kyaro, Evgeny Grishkovets, Igor Vernik, Elena Safonova, Anastasia Todorescu, Mikhail Orlov, Irina Voronova, Ulyana Pilipenko, Ignat Akrachkov, Eric Panichersky.