We can't change the past?! You can't influence the future?! And where is 'now'?! The protagonists of the film Chronos are searching for the answers to these questions. The film is based on the science-fiction stories by the renowned author Kir Bulychev (the creator of The Guests from the Future). The film is set in Russia of the past, the present and the future. The protagonists travel in time, trying to discover their ties to history and to sort themselves out.
Produced: 2022
Genre: family, adventure, fantasy
Duration:98 min
Director: Roman Prosvirnin, Dmitry Abolmasov
Producers: Dmitry Belosokhov, Elbor Chernov, Gennady Kaganovich, Andrey Matveev, Denis Gordienko
Cast: Sergey Puskepalis, Mikhail Gorevoy, Yuri Nazarov, Dmitry Endaltsev, Ivan Zhidkov, Sofia Lebedeva, Anastasia Balyakina, Victoria Kachurovskaya, Natalia Kislitsina, Evgeny Pisarev, Elbor Chernov, Yana Burnis