Early Middle Ages. The time of heavy swords and laws of blood revenge. The ruling family is torn apart by bitter rivalry. Prince Yaropolk is accused of accidentally murdering his brother. The responsibility for revenge falls upon Yaropolk's younger half-brother Vladimir, who refuses to comply with the blood law. His refusal to kill will cost him everything he's had, because "it takes more swords to uphold peace than to wage war"... The film Viking – whose producer Konstantin Ernst half-jokingly cites a 12th century Kiev monk Nestor the Chronicler as a co-author – is the first Russian blockbuster being released in two versions, for two age categories of viewers. The film's creators could not ignore the fact that the nearly two-week long New Year holidays, following immediately after the theatrical release of Viking, is the time when families go to the movies together. The 18+ (NC-18) version will be screened in the evenings, while the 12+ (PG-12) version, suitable for family audiences, will be shown at daytime screenings. That doesn't mean that adult viewers will see the whole film while others will see a cut version; the difference in total running time between the two versions is only several minutes. Both versions are complete, full-feature films, created with different audiences in mind.
Country: Russia
Duration: 128 min
Year of Production: 2016
Director: Andrei Kravchuk
Producers: Konstantin Ernst, Anatoli Maksimov
Cinematographer: Igor Grinyakin
Story/Screenplay: Andrey Rubanov
Cast: Danila Kozlovskii, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Maksim Sukhanov, Igor Petrenko, Andrei Smoliakov Vladimir Epifantsev, Aleksandra Bortich, Kirill Pletnyov, Aleksandr Ustyugov, Rostislav Bershauer...