The Crew
It is a story of a talented young pilot Alexei Gushchin, who does not accept authority and acts in accordance with his own code of honor. For the failure to comply with an absurd order, he is prevented from flying a military aircraft again, but miraculously gets a chance to fly a civil aircraft. Gushchin starts his pilot life over again. His teacher and mentor, the crew commander, is Leonid Zinchenko, a harsh and scrupulous man. His colleague and co-pilot is Alexandra, a beautiful yet inaccessible lady. The relationships between them are not easy. But hanging between life and death, when the ground crumbles under their feet and the sky is the only salvation from fire and ashes, Gushchin does his best. Only together the flight crew can make a feat and save hundreds of lives.
Country: Russia
Duration: 138 min
Year of Production: 2016
Director: Nikolai Lebedev
Producers: Leonid Vereshchagin, Anton Zlatopolsky, Nikita Mikhalkov Cinematographer: Irek Khartovich Story/Screenplay: Nikolai Kulikov, Nikolai Lebedev feat. Yuri Korotkov, Tikhon Kornev and Alexei Onishchenko
Cast: Danila Kozlovsky, Vladimir Mashkov, Agne Grudite, Katerina Shpitsa, Sergey Shakurov, Sergey Gazarov, Sergey Kempo, Elena Yakovleva, Sergey Romanovich, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Vladimir Yaglych, Nadezhda Zvenigorodskaya and others.