An introvert Russian girl Nadia goes on holiday to Belgrade, inhabited by extrovert Serbians. She lives according to a plan, while the Belgraders live for joy. At first, Nadia is involved with the local guy Nesha, and then with his relaxed, semi-vagrant way of life. She takes an impulsive decision to give up her dull job and Moscow for the sake of love, freedom and Belgrade. Both these love and freedom will be a reality check for Nadia that should be more complex than she may think.
Country: Russia
Duration: 108 min
Year of Production: 2021
Director: Lubiv Mulmenko
Producers: Valeriy Todorovskiy, Anastasiya Biryukova, Maksim Koroptsov, Miroslav Migorovich, Stefan Mladenovich
Cinematographer: Mikhail Khursevich
Story/Screenplay: Lubov Mulmenko
Cast: Nadezhda Lumpova, Nenad Vasic, Dusan Mamula, Milica Janevski, Milos Lazarov, Siri Therese, Sollie, Vladimir Gvojic