After a terrible tragedy, Oleg leaves his life behind. Everything that mattered – job,
success, wild rhythms of the big city – stays in the past. But the world of people
refuses to let him go, breaks into his willful solitude, and tempts with new hopes.
There, in a place absent from all maps, among strangers who, like himself, had quit
society for good, Oleg seems to find a new home, and with that, peace, love and the
answers to his painful questions. But are those the right answers? And what price
will he have to pay to survive and remain himself?
Produced: 2022 Genre: animation film, adventure, family movie Duration: 75 min Main Cast: Polina Voychenko, Mariya Shustrova, Irina Chumanteva, Yuriy Romanov, Konstantin Panchenko, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Andrey Tenetko, Maksim Sergeev, Aleksandr Vasilev