Raiders of the Lost Library
The construction of the Moscow metro turns into an unexpected find: an old binding is taken out from under the rubble. Its main value is not in the gold and precious stones with which it is lavishly decorated, but in the message encoded in its drawings and inscriptions. The artifact proves that the legendary library of Ivan the Terrible exists, and the map showing the way to it is right in front of you. However, the extraordinary find is forgotten for many years.
Decades later, the binding turns out to be in the hands of unlucky young man Ilya. The guy does not even suspect what he has become the owner of. That's just ignorance does not simplify his life. Powerful forces are beginning to hunt for Ilya. To thank him, he has to team up with a strange stranger who knows exactly how to handle an old salary, and a philologist girl Arina, who is able to unravel the artifact's ciphers. Now this trio without looking back embarks on a dangerous adventure to once and for all reveal the secret of the legendary Liberia. They will visit the most dangerous and mysterious corners of the country: from Vologda and Naryan-Mar to the dungeons of the Kremlin.
Produced: in 2022 Genre: adventure Duration: 105 Main: Tihon Zhiznevsky, Alexey Serebryakov, Diana Pozharskaya, Artem Tkachenko, etc.